Travel Trailers 21' to 30'
Travel Trailers 31' to 40'
Travel Trailer
Also referred to as "conventional trailers,"these types
of rigs have an A-frame and coupler and are
attached to a ball mount on the tow vehicle. Travel
trailers are available with one, two or three axles.
Depending upon tow ratings, conventional trailers
can be towed by trucks, cars or sport-utility vehicles.
Tongue Weight
Tongue Weight (also called Tongue Load) is the
actual weight pressing down on the hitch ball by the
trailer. The recommended amount of Tongue Weight
is 10%-15% of the GTW (Gross Trailer Weight).
Ball Mount
The part of the hitch system that supports the hitch
ball and connects it to the trailer coupler. Ball
mounts are available in load carrying and
weight-distributing configurations.
Weight-Distributing Hitch
Also known as a "equalizing" hitch, this category
includes hitch systems that utilize spring bars that
can be placed under tension to distribute a portion of
the trailer's hitch weight to the tow vehicle's front
axles and the trailer's axles.
Can be purchased in
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Screen Room
Term for screen enclosure that attaches to teh
exterior of a RV for a "bug free" outside sitting area.
Some screen rooms have a canvas type roof for rain
protection as well.
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Can be purchased in
our parts department
Can be purchased in
our parts department
Rear living with front bedroom
floor plan, fiberglass sidewalls, 2
entrance doors, evergreen decor
with maple style cabinetry
Rear bunks with front master
bedroom, one slide-out,
Pac-N-Play door, blue decor with
oak style cabinetry
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Travel Trailers
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